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Nappy laundry registration


Many new parents want to use cloth nappies but find the idea of the extra washing a little daunting. Nappy Bliss laundry service facilitates parents using cloth nappies whilst they find their feet as new parents.

We provide as many flat prefold nappies as you require (up to 100 per week), fleece liners, a storage bin and bin bags. Dirty nappies are collected on a weekly basis, and fresh clean nappies left in their place. You do not need to be in when Nappy Bliss service calls. Simply leave the dirty nappies in a prearranged place for us to take away, leaving you with your clean set.

All nappies are washed in bulk to high 'NHS standard' temperatures so we ensure they are hygienically clean as well as Earth Friendly. 

Newborn Nappy Bliss laundry is just £6.50 per week, with the first week free of charge. That is cheaper than many disposable nappies. At this stage we also loan you the waterproof covers that you wash yourself. 

Once your baby has grown out of the first size nappy (often around 4 months of age) the cost is £9 - £11.50 per week. At this stage you will need to buy your own waterproof covers (available from us if required)

Many parents find the service so useful that they continue until their child is out of nappies. However should you wish to start washing your own nappies we have many styles that you can borrow and use alongside Nappy Bliss laundry service. This can be useful to help you decide what type of nappy is best before you buy. 

There is a £35 registration fee for all levels of service. We are happy to cater for, and offer reduced prices for twins or multiple siblings. 

We cover from Poole in the West, to Fareham in the East and North to Andover. If you are outside this area or need any further information, then please call.

Please call 01794 377488 to discuss this service before purchasing.

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