Rosie's Blog - July 11th July 11, 2017 11:02

Sea sponges

As a mother of three and a novice in the world of sustainability, I was fascinated by some of the products in Organic Bliss. In this blog I will be taking you through my favourite products and why I am going to start including them into my own lifestyle.

Baby sea sponges instantly caught my eye when I began. They look like an extra from Planet Earth and I was intrigued. In wonderful yellow and brown shades (they undergo a natural oxygen bleaching process) the sponges have an almost honeycomb look. Supplied by Beaming Baby they are natural sea sponges grown organically and harvested by hand around the Greek islands. The divers are only cutting what they need and leave adequate sponge left to grow and be re-harvested again in the future. Through careful diving practices and crop rotation the sponges are encouraged to grow and flourish.

Upon opening you can feel how wonderfully soft and natural they are in stark contrast to the plastic synthetic sponges sold in shops. Perfect for new-born skin, kids and adults alike, we all want the best for our skin which is of course our biggest organ.

Once wet they become even softer and expand to create a wonderful feel in the hand, easy to clean and dry naturally in the air. ‘Sea sponges are more durable and last longer than synthetic sponges because they are more resistant to abrasion’ (from their website).

You won’t be disappointed by the luxurious feeling this simple item gives. Available now from Organic Bliss with a 10% discount during July - simply follow this link and enter "Sponge10" when you check out, or quote in-store!