Every day zero waste swaps! October 24, 2017 10:58

When zero waste living comes to mind some people can begin to worry that what they do just isn't enough and not effective. But at Organic Bliss we believe every person can make small every day steps to make a huge difference in our local and global environment.

Here are 5 everyday swaps that are easily implemented and sustainable for you and the planet.

Firstly: hygiene/comestics.

Choose a brand which supports green initiatives, are ecologically friendly and which do not contain harmful ingredients for your body. We stock Faith In Nature (These are also available in bulk 5L sizes), Jason, Weleda, assorted toothpastes for adults and kids and local British made soaps.

Second: Bamboo travel mug.

Many people do not know that you can ask a barista to use their cup and save on the 100 million cups thrown away each year. Most of these end up in landfill as they are not biodegradable. Sometimes they give you a discount too! Or make at home and save the money entirely!

Thirdly: Household cleaners

At Organic Bliss we stock some great household products that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Earth friendly Products, soap nuts and eco egg which are hugely popular for those who don't like to use harsh chemicals. We even have ecological dishwasher tablets, less chemicals for the water and your household!

Four: women's menstrual products

I have written about these before so I won't go into detail here, however we love that women are becoming empowered to make healthy and environmentally sound decisions with these products. From cups, cloth pads and sea sponges, every time you reject the heavily advertised brands we will continue to normalise alternatives. 

Lastly: bamboo toothbrush

We stock the humble brush from Sweden. Beautiful bamboo brushes for adults and kids. Buy one and they donate to the Humble Smile charity. 2 billion toothbrushes get thrown away each year. Why not change to a bamboo version, simple!

Small changes are achievable, just take it one thing at a time and eventually it becomes second nature. So, what could you change today to tread more softly?